Will Artificial Intelligence Take Away All Our Jobs?

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Have you watched the movie I Robot, where artificial intelligence tries to take over the world?

Why can they do that? Because they can do things that are beyond human ability.

Sounds scary, right?

This movie was Sci-Fi. But what if I tell you that it is somehow becoming our reality.

Even scarier…??

Science and technology are becoming advanced daily and new experiments are happening to make human life easier. The motive behind these advanced technologies is to assist humans and lead to a progressive lifestyle.

But, is it actually doing so?

The presence of the A.I. in the real world is like two sides of a coin. One side is advanced, modern, and luxurious. And the other side is fearful, unnatural, and disadvantageous.

There are so many jobs that are being replaced by artificial intelligence and it is not a very good position for the working class in society.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: The customer service industry is making a turn from humans to artificial intelligence. It is a win-win situation for both the customer and the business.

The A.I. responses are more prompter than a human. It will be more precise. For the businesses, it will allow them to scale more because of the fewer labor requirements.

But, will a robot be able to connect with the customer like a human? Will it be able to understand human emotions such as anger, hurry, or sadness while reporting a complaint? The robot will just be going to reply to you with an automated answer which is probably fed into it already.

But that doesn't change the fact that it will still be the future of many IT businesses and some government bodies.

According to Garter.com, by the year 2025, 50% of IT businesses will operate with artificial intelligence, and 10% of governments will be using this mechanism.

DATA ENTRY: With the wide spread of computers and technologies, it will be fair to say that this occupation is in danger. A person who has a job in this industry can be easily replaced by an AI which can manage this work more precisely, and efficiently.

While there is no harm to the industry by the cauterization of AI, it is severely damaging for manual jobs.

RECEPTIONISTS: AI can certainly replace your missing receptionist. An automated voice will be best suitable for this job. The future in this industry will be AI.

What is the basic work of a receptionist? To do the entries, solve queries, make appointments, and attend to the visitor. An AI can do all these tasks better than a human.

But the same question arises again. Will it be able to understand human emotions? A receptionist is a job where you deal with different kinds of people. And sometimes situations take turns in directions where a human will go out of its way to help the customer.

But, will a robot be able to do so? No, it will only do what is fed to it. Set amount of words, set amount of answers.

Final Words

AI is taking over manual jobs and it is a bitter truth and future of the world. We can not escape that, but what we can do is understand where it is needed and where it is present just for the sake of using it. We have to make the balance between machines and humans. Machines are run by humans and not the other way around.



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